Calibear Standard Straight Tube Water Pipe

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There's something special about using a classic straight tube bong for enjoying your favorite herbs. While it's a simple design, a straight tube water pipe like this piece from Calibear creates a single straight channel to your mouth to reduce drag and to make inhaling the smoke from the flared mouthpiece quick, easy, and comfortable. 

The Standard Straight Tube Water Pipe comes in your choice of sizes: 12-inches, 14-inches or 16-inches. It's constructed using thick and durable boro glass. There's an ice pinch built into the straight tube for those times you want to add a frosty edge to your rips.

This straight shooter looks great with the color accent on the bowl and the matching iconic Calibear logo on the front. It's a good pick for any smoker who wants to enjoy straight-forward, water-cooled rips of flavor. 

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