Calibear Standard Beaker Water Pipe

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If you need a reliable daily driver for enjoying your favorite flower, look no further than this nice Standard Beaker Water Pipe by Calibear. Made of thick and durable boro glass, this 12-inch or 14-inch tall bong with the classic beaker style is made to last.

Thanks to its beaker-style base, there's lots of room for your smoke to cool before it rises up through the straight tube to your awaiting lips on the comfortably flared mouthpiece. The included 18.8mm diffused downstem adorned the Caliber logo helps produce milky bubbles while diffusing the smoke you inhale for more smoothness. 

There's an ice pinch built into the straight tube for those times you want your hits to be extra cool. This clear glass beaker looks great with the color accent on the included 14.5mm male flower bowl and the matching Calibear logo on the front above the joint. It comes in Lime Green, Purple or Black.

This durable bong makes a good travel piece as it fits easily into a backpack or bag for easy transport. Overall, this is an excellent pick for anyone who appreciates taking smooth water-filtered rips of dry herb. 

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