Calibear Magic Mushroom Frosted Water Pipe

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Perfect for shroom lovers, the Magic Mushroom Frosted Water Pipe by Calibear is a beaker-style bong that stands 14-inches tall. It's constructed of thick and durable frosted glass and features fun mushroom designs around the entire bong. 

This sturdy and durable water pipe has a 14.5mm female joint. It comes with a 4.5-inch long removable diffused downstem with a 18.8mm male joint that filters and smooths the smoke you inhale from the flared mouthpiece. There's an ice pinch in the neck of the bong you can utilize when you want your rips to be extra cool. 

Included with the Magic Mushroom is a 14.5mm male herb slide complete with a handle to protect your fingers from the heat. This bong makes the perfect gift for any nature lover or fan of magical mushrooms.

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