Calibear Luminous Herb Leaf Water Pipe

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Heads up all lovers of the leaf...we've got a great bong for you! The Luminous Herb Leaf Water Pipe stands 14-inches tall and it's decorated with an all-over cannabis leaf design that glows in the dark at night. 

This is a beaker-style bong from Calibear that's made of 7mm thick and durable boro glass. The large beaker base has lots of space for the smoke to diffuse before it reaches your mouth on the comfortably flared mouthpiece at the end of the straight tube. The wide base also provides extra stability, ensuring the bong won't wobble and tip over when placed on a table. 

The Luminous Leaf is outfitted with a 14.5mm female joint. It comes with a 18.8mm diffused downstem that creates lots of milky bubbles and a 14.5mm male flower bowl complete with a handle for easy lifting. There's an ice pinch built into the bong for those times you want your hits to be extra cool. 

Perfect for daily use and lighting up your night seshes, the Luminous Leaf comes in your choice of Orange or Black. 

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