Calibear Hammer Pipe - Zebra

  • $45.99
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Known for producing high-quality, sophisticated handicrafts, Calibear offers smokers this super jazzy Zebra hammer-style hand pipe. Whether you're into zebras, black and white, or are simply looking for an eye-catching glass pipe, this sturdy piece won't disappoint.  

This sleek glass pipe features a deep roomy bowl with a flattened bottom to keep it upright when you set it down between rips. The pipe's smooth bulbous mouthpiece is comfortable against your lips and the long stem feels nice to hold. 

This pipe is approximately 6-inches long so it fits easily into your backpack or bag for easy travel. The long stem helps cool the smoke so your hits are smoothly satisfying. There's nothing not to love about this hammer-style pipe with the zebra design. It ticks all the right boxes as far as convenience, durability, and style are concerned!

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