Calibear Great Ape Etched Water Pipe

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You'll go ape over the smooth rips you'll enjoy when you use the Great Ape Etched Water Pipe by Calibear. This is a 14.5-inch tall piece made of high-quality glass that sits on a thick wide base.

This beaker bong features a frosted gorilla head design all around for a unique look. The bong is equipped with a 14.5mm female joint and comes with a 18.8mm male-jointed diffused downstem that's 5-inches long. Also included is a 14.5mm male funnel bowl with a handle to protect your fingers from the heat. 

Drop ice cubes into the straight tube for those times you want your hits to be extra cool so the onboard ice pinch can work its magic. This bong has a thick flared mouthpiece that forms a tight seal with your lips so you can enjoy every last bit of smoke you inhale.

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