Calibear Flower King Sandblasted Water Pipe

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It's big, it's bold, and outfitted with multiple percs to ensure your seshes are delightfully smooth! The Flower King Sandblasted Water Pipe by Calibear stands 16-inches tall. It's made of thick boro glass for long-lasting durability and outfitted with a standard 18.8mm female joint.

This beautiful sandblasted glass bong has a flower of life perc on the bottom and four seed of life percs on top to offer the ultimate level of water filtration. The long straight neck allows the smoke to cool before you take your hit from the comfortably flared mouthpiece.

This big boy produces tons of milky bubbles and hits like a dream! There's even an ice pinch built into the straight tube so you can add a frosty touch to your rips when you feel like it. The Flower King comes in your choice of Lime Green, Blue, or Purple and is adorned with the iconic Calibear logo on the front.

Whether you want a new party bong that rocks or a statement piece for your coffee table, this beast won't disappoint! 

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