Calibear Dark Magic Frosted Water Pipe

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The mystical and magical Dark Magic Frosted Water Pipe by Calibear is made of thick and durable frosted glass. It features a pentagram and skull design on the neck and a smaller skull with wings on the top and bottom of the back.

This 14-inch tall durable beaker-style water pipe is equipped with a 14.5mm female joint and comes with a 4.5-inch long 18.8mm male removable diffused downstem. The downstem smooths the smoke by creating lots of milky bubbles when you take your hit from the flared mouthpiece that forms a tight seal with your lips. Included is a handled 14.5mm male herb slide with a roomy bowl. 

This durable and sturdy bong has an ice pinch on board for those times you want to add some frostiness to your rips. The Dark Magic makes a good coffee table piece and a great new addition to an existing glass collection. 

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