Cali Crusher Homegrown 4-Part Grinder

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Get this premium grinder for yourself, and learn why Cali Crusher keeps being one of the most legendary grinders on the market. 

This iconic grinder is made with aerospace aluminum and each of its parts is designed with care and attention to detail. The original 4-Way Quicklock feature eliminates clogging and cross threading. The diamond cut teeth shred your herbs into a perfect fluffy consistency, for evenly packed joints and bowls. 

The bottom kief collecting chamber is almost double than in other grinders, and you can also use it as storage. The magnetic closure between the top two chambers allows effortless turns, appropriate even for those with chronic wrist pain.

This amazing high-end grinder is backed with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty, and is probably the last grinder you'll ever need to buy. It measures 2.35 inches in diameter, includes a scrape tool and comes in a variety of color options. 

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