BYO Sabre Hookah

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The compact 17-inch tall Sabre Hookah by BYO (formerly Amira) can be used as a desktop hookah or a unit to take on the road. The matte black finish on the stainless steel stem makes the hookah resistant to stains, flavor ghosting, and corrosion.

The Sabre features a tried-and-true "twist lock" technology to ensure a rock solid, airtight seal between the stem and base. This nice looking hookah that's built to last features a colored glass vase and comes with a clay shisha bowl. You also get a single premium soft grip washable hose and an anodized heavy aluminum tray and charcoal tongs. 

With its wide gauge downstem and a built in diffuser, you'll experience a smooth, open draw during your sesh. Don't be fooled by its compact size. The Sabre is a hefty hookah that performs like a champ. 

The BYO Sabre comes in an assortment of colors. The color you receive will depend on what's in stock at the time you order. 

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