Puffco Budsy

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A Bong Hidden in Plain Sight

Rise and grind with the Puffco Budsy incognito bong. It looks like an average ordinary poly water bottle-- until you hit it. Hidden inside the discreet water bottle design is a secret all-in-one powerhouse of a bong.

Despite the uniqueness of the design, Puffco makes no compromises on the build quality of the engineering within. On the outside, the bong is housed by a Tritan clear bottle-- an almost indestructible alternative to glass. It contains no electric parts and is meant for dry herb only, utilizing a recessed ceramic bowl and silicone handle. 

Like a Transformer, the seemingly innocent waterbottle unfolds to reveal a flip-spout mouthpiece and bowl. The downstem and perc are perfectly disguised as a natural-looking straw.

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