Brass Monkey Twister Hand Pipe

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Whether it's climbing, hiking, or festivals and parties - if you need a hand pipe that can withstand everything, you found it.

A perfect little travel companion, the Brass Monkey Twister pipe is crafted with brass and aluminum and is virtually indestructible.

This compact pipe has a swivel lid that fully opens the piece when turned to 180 degrees. The lid hides a bowl and at the end of it sits a mouthpiece. What a clever design!

The lid also allows you to pre-pack your bowl and it's tight when closed so nothing will spill out when you're carrying it in your pocket. There's also a small storage compartment built in you can use to carry a bowl's worth of ground herb. 

Built to last, this well-designed pipe has indentations on the exterior for a comfortable grip. The small pipe's metal body slightly cools your hits so they're smoother and more enjoyable.. A perfect pick for your outdoor adventures! 

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