BoroTech Tree Perc to Inline Slitted Perc Ice Bong

  • $109.95
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Smoke in style with this fantastic water pipe by BoroTech. This eye-catching bong features twin percolators that work in unison to deliver the smoothest possible hits.

When you fire up the included funnel-style glass bowl, the smoke travels through the inline perc with multiple slits where it breaks up and diffuses. It then travels up to the tree perc where it's diffused, cooled, and smoothed even more before you take your hit from the flared mouthpiece on the end of the straight tube neck. 

There's an ice catch built into the neck of the bong you can use to add some frostiness to your hits. Constructed of thick borosilicate glass, this bong will stand up well to everyday use and it can withstand a bump or two without breaking.

Whether you're looking for a new daily driver that delivers amazingly smooth rips or need a bong for travel that fits into your backpack or bag, this water pipe checks all the right boxes. This nice ice bong is equipped with a 14.5mm female joint and adorned with the BoroTech Logo. 

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