BoroTech Round Bottom Zong Bong

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BoroTech Glass produces handblown glass bongs, rigs, and hand pipes in Hebei Province in China. They are produced exclusively for Smoke Cartel so there's no middle man to pay, offering you a fantastic line of smoking devices at a low price point. 

The brand's Round Bottom Zong Bong puts a modern spin on the traditional zong-type bong to offer you a spectacular smoking experience. This aesthetically pleasing bong stands 18 inches tall and is made with thick and durable scientific glass. The long neck features multiple 'zongs' to smooth and cool the smoke before it reaches your awaiting lips on the comfortably flared mouthpiece. 

Included with the 14.5mm female-jointed Round Bottom Zong Bong is a downstem perc and glass bowl. The bong is adorned with the BoroTech logo and is available in Black or Blue. If you're looking for a statement piece that delivers smooth and cool rips, you won't be disappointed with this big beauty. 

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