BoroTech Beaker Bong With Color Accent

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This nice BoroTech bong has a great look, it's durable, and big! This beaker-style bong stands an impressive 17 inches tall. It's made from top-quality. clear borosilicate glass and has green color accents on the flared mouthpiece rim, ice pinch, joint, and bottom for a crisp and clean look. 

The bong is outfitted with a 14.5mm female joint and comes with a removable 18.8mm to 14.5mm glass downstem and a 14.5mm male herb bowl complete with a handle for easy lifting.

The bong's long neck helps cool the smoke so your hits are pleasantly smooth. This impressive ice bong is adorned with the BoroTech logo on the front for a nice finished look. 

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