BONGS USA Psychedelic Silicone Bong

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Ideal for the beach, parties, festivals, or anytime you want to enjoy a nice smoke sesh, the eye-popping Psychedelic Silicone Bong by Bongs USA is a top pick. The first thing you notice about this bong is the incredibly colorful and trippy design that rocks!

You'll never have to worry about breaking this beauty because it's virtually indestructible. This 8-inch tall bong is made of BPA-free, FDA-approved silicone, making it the perfect travel companion. It weighs just 5 ounces and can easily fit into your backpack or bag.

The Psychedelic is outfitted with a 14.5mm female joint and comes with a matching glass downstem and handled male herb bowl. This affordable water pipe packs a big punch without busting your budget! 

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