BONGS USA Graffiti Silicone Bong

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This 7.5-inch tall beaker bong with the bright and colorful graffiti design has a whole lot going for it. Not only does it have a mind-blowing design that pops with color but the bong is also unbreakable. It's constructed of PBA-free and FDA-approved silicone and it weighs just 5 ounces, making it very lightweight and easy to handle. 

The bong has a 14.5mm female joint and comes with a matching silicone downstem and male herb slide with a handle for easy lifting. The Graffiti bong is lots of fun to use and a cinch to clean. It's the perfect travel piece and a bong you can use at the rowdiest parties because if it's dropped, it won't break. 

The bong's 3-inch wide round base keeps it steady when placed on a table between hits or when repacking the bowl. All in all, this artsy bong is an incredible piece with an eye-popping design. 

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