Big Pipe 3.5" Glow Sidecar Metal Pipe

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This metal pipe from Big Pipe has features not found on most metal pipes. These include a "sidecar" piece that acts as a carb (aka power hit) and glow in the dark o-rings. The sidecar carb piece allows you to cover the hole with your finger while taking a hit and release it to clear all the smoke for larger hits. The glow in the dark o-rings provide for an awesome look with the lights off and prevent the pipe from getting too hold while you're holding it.

Big Pipe metal pipes aren't the cheap metal pipes you commonly find at your local gas station or smoke shop. The quality of Big Pipe's metal pipes are second to none and are fully constructed right here in the USA, unlike most metal pipes. All pipes consist of parts made of high quality metals and fully disassemble for easy cleaning. Screens are not included so if you prefer using screens with metal pipes be sure to add some to your order.

  • "Sidecar" Front Carb Hole
  • Provides Larger Hits
  • Glow in the Dark
  • O-Rings Provide Comfortable and Cool Smoking Experience
  • All Parts Disassemble for Easy Cleaning
  • Screens Recommended (not included)
  • Made in USA
  • Length: 3.5"

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