Beaker Base Bubbler with Fixed Showerhead Diffuser

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This sturdy little bubbler may be only 6.7 inches tall but it delivers big blasts of water-cooled smooth smoke that big bongs are famous for. This bubbler is made from thick high-quality glass and has a beaker base for great stability. It has a colored glass bent neck with a matching rimmed mouthpiece for comfortable use.

The bubbler is equipped with a 14.5mm joint and a fixed slitted showerhead diffuser downstem that adds filtration and cleaning to the bubbling smoke for an extremely pleasant smoking experience. 

The bent neck is decorated with a Maria for an added touch of class. The bubbler comes with a 14.5 mm handled male herb bowl so it's ready to use right out of the box. 

This little bubbler is destined to be your favorite piece for enjoying impressively smooth rips of your favorite flower. You can choose from a variety of colors for the bent neck and mouthpiece including Teal, Mint Green, Black, Dark Blue, Jade Green, and Topaz. 

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