Beach Bum Yellow Beaker Water Bong

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This beautiful Beach Bum yellow water pipe is like the one used by Moondog in The Beach Bum movie. It's a beautiful, striking piece with the eye-popping yellow color and matching Beach Bum logo on the top part of the tube.

You'll enjoy watching the bubbles build up around the UFO percolator through the clear glass section of the pipe's straight tube. The UFO perc is similar in design to a showerhead perc but the UFO steps up the percolation game by using more slits. More slits means more percolation for smoother hits and a happier you. 

To further enhance the smoothness of your hits, this classic beaker style water pipe comes with a removable diffused downstem. There's even an ice pinch built into the tube for those times you want to take extra cool and frosty rips.  

Included with the Beach Bum yellow water pipe is a deep and roomy male herb bowl. This solid, 12-inch beaker bong would make a great addition to your glass collection. It's also the perfect travel companion since it's made of thick and durable borosilicate glass

The water pipe comes packaged in a Beach Bum collector's box. Grab yours today so you can pay tribute to Moondog, the original stoner beach bum!

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