Bauble Vase Ceramic Water Pipe

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The curvy, funky Bauble Vase Ceramic Water Pipe is perfect for enjoying your favorite herbal strains at home or away. This 8.5" portable water pipe with the cool double bubble base design is a real eye-catcher. It's also a straight neck water pipe you can depend on to deliver smooth, clean hits. 

The Bauble Vase water pipe is made from ceramic material, with a black glazed finish. It comes with a fixed downstem and a threaded metal dry herb bowl. It's an easy pipe to handle and maintain & clean. It's got a wide base for added stability when loading the bowl and when setting the piece down between rips. 

This great-looking, budget-friendly water pipe is easy to pack in your bag to take to parties and group seshes. Grab yours today.

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