Art of Smoke "Yin and Yang" Hand Pipe Set

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The Yin Yang Symbol represents the polarity of everything in the universe. Each of the sides has a small dot, signifying that there is light in every darkness, and that every bright period comes with its dark moments. In the past times, it was primarily the symbol of feminine and masculine energies, present in everyone and everything. 

In this gorgeous dual hand pipe, the dots acts as small bowls, ready to accept a perfect dose of your favorite herbal material. The mouthpiece sits on the other end of the pipe and the left carb hole gives you control of your experience.

Representing two complementing energies, this pipe set is a lovely choice as a friendship or romantic gift for the person you feel completes you and want to always have by your side. 

This gorgeous piece, or pieces, come in a custom bamboo box that rolls out to reveal the ancient symbol in its 420 themed, ready to smoke form.

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