Art of Smoke Dino Pipe

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Enjoy Jurassic sized hits of your favorite herbal strains with the Dino Pipe by Art of Smoke. This dinosaur-shaped hand pipe is the perfect for the accident-prone or clumsy smoker as it's made of durable and heat resistant high-quality ceramic. There's a deep and roomy herb bowl built into the dino's back for easy packing and a carb hole on the left side for controlling the size and intensity of your rips. 

The Dino Pipe is perfect for sharing, packing, and travel and it's a pipe that will draw attention whenever you pull it out. It's a fun pipe to use and one you'll want to set out on display for those rare times you're not using it. Handcrafted in the USA, the Dino comes with a matching carrying case to keep it pristine during travel.  

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