Medium 2.5" Anodized Zinc Chameleon 4-Piece Grinder

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With its chameleon-like shifting colors, you won't be able to take your eyes off this little 2.5-inch grinder. This 4-piece aluminum herb grinder features a zinc anodized finish that gives it the color-changing feature that never stays the same. 

Besides the cool color-changing abilities of this grinder, it does a superb job of cutting through your buds and grinding them up so they're nice and fluffy, all ready for rolling or packing. This grinder has super-efficient diamond-shaped cutting teeth that make easy work of shredding & grinding. 

The grinder is outfitted with a magnetic lid to keep it securely together. It also has a sifting screen and pollen chamber along with a scraping tool to make collecting the pollen easy.

This durable little unit made of airplane-grade anodized aluminum has everything you need in a pocket-sized grinder. Nab yours and enjoy it!

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