AK-47 Water Pipe Inline Perc

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When it's time to bring out the big guns and get ripped, reach for the AK-47 Water Pipe with the Inline Perc. This 18.5-inch tall monster is shaped like an AK-47 and designed to deliver big hearty blasts of cool, smooth smoke. 

This loaded water pipe features a classic beaker-shaped base and is outfitted with an inline perc. The percolator filters and smooths the smoke as it makes its way up through the 'barrel' to the mouthpiece on the end for you to inhale.

The wide thick base and rifle portion of this smokin' hot water pipe is made of colored glass that comes in assorted colors. This awesome bong hits with deadly accuracy and never fails to deliver a headshot to whoever dares smoke from it! 

The entire pipe is made of thick and durable boro glass. The pipe features a 14.5mm female joint and comes with a male herb slide. It's a kickass water pipe you'll love to use and admire.

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