Acrylic Straight Tube Bubble Base Bong with Maria

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This bong is a perfect pick for newbie smokers or those who need a sturdy alternative when they don't want to pull out their precious glass piece. Whether you're traveling, partying or enjoying a crazy group sesh at home, this piece will withstand anything.

The bong is made with impact-resistant and lightweight acrylic, which won't break when dropped like glass would. It features a bubble base design, which improves the diffusion for smoother and more flavorful rips than those from a classic straight tube piece.

The piece comes with a removable plastic foot and mouthpiece, and has a removable metal downstem with a screw on bowl. It's completed with a carb hole for more control and a Maria ring for a better grip.

Standing 12 Inches tall, this bong is available in multiple vibrant colors. 

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