Acrylic Straight Bubble Base Mini Bong with Raised Grip

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This bright little acrylic bong is a perfect choice for newbie smokers or those who need something for traveling and group sessions. It's made with acrylic, so it's affordable, lightweight and virtually indestructible. 

This is a mini bong, measuring 6 inches, or at least half a size of standard bongs. That makes it super easy to carry and handle. The bubble shaped base improves the water capacity of this piece, and has a ring around the center for a better grip. 

The bong also has a carb hole, so you can control your hits better, and it sits on a removable plastic foot. The plastic mouthpiece is also removable, and so are the metal downstem and bowl. 

This compact and travel-friendly piece is made in the USA and is available in two color options. 

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