Acrylic Straight Bong with Glass Tree Perc Downstem

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This colorful 15-inch tall straight tube bong is the perfect combination of durable acrylic and glass. It features a 14.5mm female joint and a see-through acrylic chamber that allows you to watch the bubbly percolation in action. The bong comes with a glass 14.5mm slitted diffuser downstem and a glass 14.5mm male herb bowl. The bowl is decorated with black and white glass beads that act as a roll stop. 

The bong does an awesome job of cooling the bubbly smoke as it travels through the slitted downstem before breaking on the water and moving up and through the slitted tree percolator. The smoke is cooled even more as it’s pulled through the tree percolator before exiting through the mouthpiece. This results in your hits being cool, clean, filtered and packed with flavor.

The stable circular foot and mouthpiece are made of black plastic. There's a rubber grommet included that holds the removable downstem and tree perc in place. This bong is a straight-shooter that's designed for delivering flavorful ultra-filtered hits. It comes in an array of fantastic colors. 

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