Acrylic Straight Alien Base Mini Bong

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The 6-inch tall Acrylic Straight Alien Base Mini Bong will add an extraterrestrial touch to your smoke seshes. This lightweight and durable mini bong is perfect for solo seshing and for taking to parties and group seshes. It's virtually unbreakable and has all the features you'd find in a bong that's much bigger.

This little alien-inspired bong is outfitted with a metal downstem that's held in place with a rubber grommet. Included is a screw-on metal bowl that's roomy and easy to clean.

The alien head design looks awesome, plus it gives the smoke more room to move around and cool. There's a carb hole on the straight tube for controlling the intensity of your rips. 

The stable, round foot on the bottom ensures the bong won't tip over when placed on a table. The black plastic mouthpiece is comfortable to use, plus it's removable for easy cleaning. Pick the color you want when placing your order. 

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