Acrylic Bong with Arched Perc Glass Downstem and Herb Bowl

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If you want to enjoy the closest experience to a scientific glass piece in an affordable and travel-friendly bong, check this one out. It's fully made with lightweight yet sturdy acrylic, and features the timeless straight tube design.

Unlike most acrylic bongs, this piece comes with a percolator in the center of the tube, to ensure smooth hits, otherwise impossible to get from this minimal straight shape. The bong is also equipped with a glass diffuser downstem and a matching 14.5 mm male glass herb bowl. These glass elements ensure the clean flavor you'd expect from your standard glass water pipe. 

This sleek piece stands upright thanks to the removable plastic foot and arrives with a removable plastic mouthpiece for more comfortable hits. It stands 13 inches tall and comes in several bright colors. 

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