Acrylic 420 Puck Base Layback Bong - Raised Grip

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When you don't want to worry about breaking your glass bong, pull out this acrylic bong with the angled tube and raised grips on the layback-style shaft to give you a great grip. This party-ready, lightweight, and durable acrylic bong is 12 inches tall, making it perfectly portable. 

The bong is supported by a removable and stable black plastic circular foot. It comes with a metal downstem and a screw-on bowl. You can firmly secure both the downstem and bowl with the included rubber grommet.

This great-looking blue bong comes with a removable black plastic mouthpiece that's smooth and comfortable against your lips. 

The rounded base of the bong is adorned with raised 420 lettering to make the piece stand out. 

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