Abis Premium Electric Grinder

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Long gone are the days when your only option for grinding herbs was turning a manual grinder by hand to prep your herbs for smoking. Today, savvy cannabis users are turning to electric grinders like the Abis Premium Electric Grinder to make the job easier and more efficient. 

This hand-held grinder uses sharp grinding blades that you activate by pressing the button on top in short, quick pulses. There's a display window on the grinder you can use to check the consistency of your grind so it's perfect every time. Once you're happy with the texture and consistency, unscrew the top from the base and remove your herb. You can use the included funnel to dispense the herb into your stash jar of choice.

This sleek aluminum grinder is made using nothing but premium materials from top to bottom to ensure it's durable and reliable. The matte black grinder body is designed to fit comfortably in your hand and it features a textured grip so it won't slip out of your hand. 

The bottom of the grinder's base is flared to prevent tipping. The base can also be used for discreet and odorless transport by unscrewing it and using the included additional lid. 

The unit's stealthy exterior features LED lights that indicate the current level of charge when you tap the power button. When it's time to power up the grinder, simply use the included USB charging cable to quickly recharge the battery. 

In the Box: 

1x Abis Premium Electric Grinder
1x Funnel w/rubber cap
1x Aluminum cap for storage base
1x Protective pouch
1x USB charging cable


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