7 Pipe Twisty Grinder

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The Twisty Grinder from 7 Pipe is designed to produce a perfect fluffy consistency every time and with ease. The Twisty Grinder is the first design of it's kind - focusing on providing an ergonomic and comfortable grinding experience. The grinder can be easily gripped and twisted due to the four outer spokes on the top lid. These spokes help to eliminate painful hand cramps while grinding that is commonly experienced with traditional grinders. In addition, the Twisty Grinder is adaptive to those who may have carpal tunnel, arthritis, nerve damage, and other wrist or hand pains.

The grinding chamber of the Twisty Grinder features lion's tooth curved teeth to provide a much nicer and fluffier grind than the diamond teeth found in most traditional grinders. The Twisty Grinder features a deep storage chamber with pollen scrapper so you can store plenty of your favorite herb. The pollen chamber features an ultra high count micron screen to help collect the purest pollen. The magnetic closure is sure to keep your content stored in the grinder safe and secure. The Twisty™ Grinder is extremely durable, easy to use, and with it's gunmetal color and gold accents, it will be your new favorite grinder.

  • 4-Piece Grinder
  • Ergonomic, Comfortable Design
  • Spokes Prevent Hand Cramping
  • Great for Those with Carpal Tunnel, Arthritis, Nerve Damage & More
  • Lion's Tooth Curved Grinding Teeth
  • Produces Fluffier Consistency
  • Deep Storage Chamber
  • High Count Micron Screen
  • Pollen Scrapper Included
  • Extremely Durable Design
  • Gunmetal w/ Gold Accents
  • 7 Pipe Decal
  • Diameter: 2.5"
  • Height: 2.25"

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