3-Piece Skull Grinder

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Instead of using your fingers to break up your weed, use this 3-Piece Skull Grinder with the pyramid-shaped precision-sharp teeth. This 2-inch wide compact grinder will grind your weed into the perfect fluffy consistency for easy rolling. 

When you use this weed grinder, you'll get a consistent grind every time you use it so your joints will burn smoothly and evenly. This grinder is outfitted with a pollen chamber at the bottom where you can collect the highly potent kief that's left over after each grind. 

The magnetic top of this cool grinder with the soft-flocked skull design will ensure the grinder won't come apart. Pocket-sized, portable, and super-efficient, this little grinder is worth its weight in gold! 

The 3-piece skull grinder with the magnetic top is sold in assorted, random colors. Get yours so you can quickly and efficiently prep your weed for smoking. 

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