Trailer Park Boys 4-Piece Grinder

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Love smoking dry herb and watching the antics of Julian, Ricky, and Bubbles in The Trailer Park Boys? Then you'll love this Famous X Trailer Park Boys grinder.

This is a durable, portable, and discreet grinder made of CNC aluminum. It's equipped with razor-sharp teeth that will effortlessly shred and grind your herb to a nice fluffy consistency that's perfect for rolling or packing. 

It's easy to use this little 4-piece portable grinder. Just open the magnetic lid, drop in your herb, replace the lid and twist. When the sharp teeth have ground your herb to the perfect consistency, you can retrieve it from the lower stash container for rolling or packing.

This grinder unscrews easily to reveal the pollen sifting screen and kief-catching bottom piece that collects and stores your pollen for later use. There's an included scraper stashed in the bottom chamber to make kief collecting easy. 

Toss this 2-inch grinder in your bag or slide it in your pocket so you can grind up enough herb to roll a joint or pack a bowl when you're out and about. 

The grinder features an image of the Trailer Park Boys on the lid and a TPB logo on the bottom. It comes in your choice of three great colors: Blue, Red, or Green. Pick your favorite and order yours today. 

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