Trailer Park Boys "Bubbles" Beaker Bong Water Pipe

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If you watch the Trailer Park Boys, you know that Bubbles love kitties. You also know that Bubbles, Ricky, and Julian are weed lovers who enjoy bong smoking. Meet the Bubbles Ice Glass Water Pipe. The lower section of this clear glass bong has a signed image of Bubbles' face and a TPB logo on the upper section. 

This 12-inch tall bong is made of durable & thick borosilicate glass that's designed for a bit of rough handling. It's fitted with a 18.8mm ground joint and comes with a removable slitted diffuser downstem

When you load the bowl with your favorite dry herb and light up, the smoke will diffuse and filter in the downstem so you get a clean, smooth, and flavorful hit. 

You'll love the feel of this bong in your hands, thanks to its cool curvy body. There's an ice rest built into the body that allows you to add a few cubes to the tube for extra chilly and frosty hits. The ice rest doubles as a splashguard for splash back protection. 

The Bubbles Ice Glass Water Pipe is a solid piece with black color accents on the downstem, bowl handle, and mouthpiece rim. Do Bubbles proud and get your ice bong today. 

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